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The importance of accuracy in hydroponic nutrient preparation

When you prepare your own concentrated hydroponic nutrients, you need to carry out a significant number of measurements. As a consequence, you will deviate from your intended preparation by the errors inherent to these operations. Plants tolerate a significant array of conditions, so these errors – even though sometimes quite big – are often not […]

How to use organic fertilizers in Kratky hydroponics

I’ve written several posts in this blog about Kratky hydroponics (for example here and here). In this method, you use a bucket, a net pot, a small amount of media, and some nutrient solution, to grow a plant from start to finish. It requires no power or interventions in the case of leafy greens or […]

My Kratky tomato project, tracking a Kratky setup from start to finish

Fully passive, hydroponic setups are now everywhere. However, it seems no one has taken the time to diligently record how the nutrient solution changes through time in these setups and what problems these changes can generate for plant growth. In my Kratky tomato project, I will be closely monitoring a completely passive Kratky setup from […]

How to Grow Hydroponic Plants at Home

What are the Benefits of Hydroponic Farming…No Soil involved:…Hydroponics was employed to give fresh crops to troops stationed on the Wake Islands. It is a remote arable location in the Pacific Ocean for those who unfamiliar with the Wake Islands. With numerous NASA astronauts …

Hydroponics for Home Growers

Hydroponics for home growers is wonderfully rewarding and an environmentally efficient way to take your green thumb to the next level. Let’s look at what hydroponics is and the perks of going soilless.